International & Government Consultancy

International Consultancy

United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Climate Change Branch, Vienna, Austria -June 2004 ~ December 2010.

Hydro power policy and rural electrification using hydro power resources.

Training of government employees for small hydro power development and policy making.

Team leader for FOUR small hydro project as EPC contract; Nyamyotsi I & II, Mutubo, Gatobwe in Rwanda.

Chief Design Engineer and team leader in Designs of four hydro projects United Nations Industrial Development Organization, Climate Change Branch, Vienna, Austria -May 2007 ~ August 2010.

Team Leader for Feasibility Studies of mini Hydro in Guinee, Mali, Burundi Ministry of Infrastructure, Kigali, Rwanda - June 2006 ~ August 2010.

Team leader for Designs, feasibility studies and EPC Contract of SIX mini Hydro projects in Rwanda USAID Project for Winrock International, Liberia – 2011.

Consultant for Capacity Building of Academic Institutes of Liberia for Renewable Energy Development under LESSP Project in Liberia World Bank, Energy Branch, Mailstop J9 – 900, 1818 H Street. Washington – DC, USA - May 2009 ~ August 2009.

Consultant for Feasibility Studies of Yandohun Micro Hydro Project in Liberia Team Leader for Design and Build contract of micro hydro project in Liberia (World Bank Funded project) World Bank Funded project under Rural Energy Agency, Ministry of Energy and Mining, Dar ES Salam, Tanzania - April 2009 ~ December 2009.

Consultant for Capacity Building, develop business plans and feasibility studies of mini hydro projects in Tanzania Ministry of Land, Energy and Mining, Liberia - August 2013 ~ August 2014

Team leader for feasibility studies of TEN mini hydro projects in Liberia Kenya Tea Development Agency, Nairobi, Kenya - May 2014 to date.

Chief of Staff of EPC Contract of Iraru Small Hydro Project & Rupingazi Small Hydro Power Project for Kenya Tea Development Agency 8.

Government Consultancy

Think Tank member for Hon. Minister of Power and Energy, Susil Premajayantha

Founder Board member of Sustainable Energy Authority of  Sri Lanka,

Board member in 2019 for Industrial Technology Institute ( ITI) , Sri Lanka

Executive Director for government owned only two training centers for garment industry , TT&Sc and CITI