Supporting the growth and nurturing the community has always been an important aspect of my work. Towards this, I have embarked on several community support projects.

Community Infrastructure

Developing community access roads and creating road ways for essential and emergency transportation, individual travel, and making business access possible to rural communities.

Blood Donation Campaigns

Annual blood donation campaigns organized in support of the National Blood Bank.

Health Camp

Providing free basic medical services for under privileged communities. These health camps have provided eye care and spectacles to elderly citizens and basic health check ups as well.

Religious Offerings

Built and developed monasteries for monks meditating in isolated caves the bordering iconic national rain forest Sinharajah.

Technology Education Assistance

providing computers to students in rural Sri Lanka to enhance their technology skills and broadening their access to information.

Higher Education Support

Shishyodaya Foundation in collaboration with Terra Peoples Association, Saga, Japan Shishyodaya scholarship and education exchange program was started in 1996 and continues to this day, giving scholarships to 10 students every year for three year period at Sangamitta Girls College in Galle. Six students and one teacher are sent to Saga prefecture in Japan for educational exchange programs and home stay experience once every two years.

Small Business Assistance

Providing tea small holders with continued tea sale assistance to guarantee higher rates of purchase and opportunities for increased crop sales.