Renewable Energy Sector

Under the Davora Group I have been able to provide hydro power since its inception, as the company’s core service is derived through Hydro Power International (Pvt.) Ltd. Since 1999, the company has developed several mini hydro power projects in Sri Lanka to supply to the national grid.

Beginning from hydropower developments in remote areas in Sri Lanka under ENCO (Private) Limited and developing 14 new rural ‘Micro Hydro Projects’ and then successfully developed 13 ‘Grid Connected Mini Hydropower Projects’ by supplying 23Mw to the National Grid after the formation of Hydro Power International (Private) Limited in Sri Lanka.

We were the first hydropower project developer in Rwanda after its genocide and also the first hydropower project developer in Liberia after its civil war.

Proudly expanding our wings beyond hydropower developments, we are now into Biomass Project developments as well.