Tea Industry

I entered into the Tea industry in the year 2013 under Davora (Private) Limited, where I being the Chairman obtained immeasurable experiences through managing an existing tea factory. I later made my way to becoming an entrepreneur.

By 2014, we acquired our first tea factory Down South and by now hold the ownership of 6 existing tea factories as well as managing a tea factory which manufactures ‘Low Grown Tea’. Every one of those factories were introduced by reputed Banks in Sri Lanka by taking into account our ability and capacity towards the factories. We now provide a permanent livelihood for over 10,000 tea small holders and employment to about 1,000 individuals in the processing factories.

The Group’s diversification into tea was initially to support Sri Lanka’s no 1 export crop and to provide a source of permanent income to tea small growers in the southern part of the country. Davora Group takes pride in being an ethical tea supplier guaranteeing that the tea is pure with no additives or preservatives.

Today the factories in Ransagoda, Triton Hills, Iththagala and Veddagala together contribute over 5 million kilo grams of small holder tea to the national export volume.