Waste Management

The Waste to Energy Project was initiated via several special purpose companies Under the Theme of Clean Air and Clean Water.

I serve as the Executive Director of Fukada Environmental Solutions (Private) Limited , the authorized exclusive partner of Sri Lanka for Kubota-Johkasou sewerage treatment systems Health Care and Pharmaceutical Services.

Waste water management is also a core issue that needs to be addressed the world over. At Clean Co. Lanka we also convert waste water to energy.

We are the sole authorized agent in Sri Lanka for the world famous Kubota Johkasu Japanese waste water management products which enjoys the largest market share in waste water treatment product sector.

Under Davora’s subsidiary Fukada Environment (Private) Ltd, the group offers advanced Japanese technology to treat waste water that can be reused in gardening, and all daily water requirements except for drinking, cooking and bathing.

Already installed in many hotels and government offices, this product has helped to enhance Davora values of Clean Water, Clean Air and Clean Energy by offering clean water and by reducing water wastage.

Waste water treatment options vary from domestic, to mid-scale plants and offices, to large factories, hotels, universities and government projects.